"What we are here to do is be loved, but we can only truly be loved if we are seen."

-Glennon Doyle

Why do I share what are often considered "private" feelings about my experience living with chronic illness and disability?

I am here to be loved, and to love.  I am here and was given these mountains to climb, not to carry.  If talking about the climb resonates with others, if insisting sickness and worthiness are not mutually exclusive human conditions, if normalizing being an "average" sick person with a full range of human emotions, if sharing a narrative as a disabled person who doesn't have a hero's story and triumph and STILL having a life worth living, if any of these....if one.  If any more I haven't said.  Than it is worth it to me to share things others may feel are private and may not say.

I share because I own my story.  I own little else.  I control nothing but my own choices and my ability to share my story.  Whatever may be assumed, written, or said about me, I control this narrative.  It is mine.

And I choose to say disabled people are worthy.  Worthy of so much.

Please see us.